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The pictures are as the diary (which still has to be translated) more or less sorted by time, sometimes also by a theme. The picture books have thumbnails with titles, by clicking on the thumbnails you will get to bigger pictures, but these can be slow if you are connected via modem:-(

I have scaled down all pictures! I hope they will appear way faster now on your screen. If somebody wants to make a printout of a picture send us an email , we still have all pictures in the high resolution.

New: I cleaned up the album. If you are looking for older pictures check the archive.
Juli 2003
4th of July Parade
At Geri's
Anuk's first birthday
In Louisville and Passing Fort Knox
At the Kentucky Horse Park
At Markus and Marianne's
We bought a new used car
left over pictures
August 2003
Country Fair in Morristown
Jens is water skiing
Regina is water skiing
Pool Party at the Racquet Club
Chris and a Kinder-egg
Here are some more water ski pictures. Sometimes we also tried a knee board, but we used it mainly as a belly board. Jens and Geri also tried to do mono ski. Jens did quiet well on the first try and got problems afterwards, Geri unfortunately broke one of her ribs. So this will not be our favorite style of water skiing.
We arrived in the States 1 year ago
Ryan's farewell party
left over pictures
September 2003
In September we traveled to Germany. It has been my father's 60th birthday and our friends Anja and Andreas got married. These were enough reasons to buy the tickets and stay for almost three weeks.
Journey from Lexington to Frankfurt
Sightseeing in Frankfurt
Arriving in Leer
Some Pictures in Leer
Max and in the Julianenpark
Journey to Hamburg
At Andreas' and Anja's
Travel by ship to Pellworm
On Pellworm
The morning of the wedding
Riding the bikes to the cutter
The wedding I
The wedding II
The wedding party I
The wedding party II
Everybody is going home again
Wine tasting and all our belongings in the attic
With aunt Inge, uncle Fredy, and cousin Heike in Leer
Being lazy in Leer
Jürgen's birthday
Some pictures in Leer
The evening before the party
Let the party begin
A lot of good food
and kegs of beer
There is also coffee and cakes
The party ends
Back to Lexington
Oktoberfest in Cincinatti I
Oktoberfest in Cincinatti II
The last pictures of September
October 2003
In October Regina's parents visited us in Lexington for three weeks. The first weekend we showed them around in the near vincinity. The first week they went around on their own and visited different places. Starting the second weekend of their visit to the US and ending the third weekend we all went on a round trip: From Lexington via Detroit into Ontario/Canada. We stoppped at the Niagara Falls and did a lot of sightseeing there. Then we went back to the US and drove into Upstate New York and Stopped for two days at the Cayuga Lake (one of the Finger Lakes). From there we drove from New York through Maryland, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia to Virginia where we drove into to the Shenandoah State Park. From there we drove into Tennessee to the Smoky Mountains. We saw Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge (and we do not intend to go back there) where we met Geri and Dan at a campground. The next day we drove into the Smoky Mountains to look around and afterwards we visited Geri and Dan in Morristown. After another day of fun there we drove back to Lexington. All in all we were 9 days on the road and drove almost 2000 miles. The last week we staid at Lexington again and my parents went around on their own. Here I will display only the pictures Jens and I took with our camera, later we maybe will add the pictures my father took. (But be sure there will be lots of pictures any way)
October 3rd: Arrival
October 4: Keeneland "Breakfast at the Works"
October 4: At home and in Lexington
October 5: Natural Bridge I
October 5: Natural Bridge II
October 5: Natural Bridge III
October 5: Natural Bridge IV
Over the week my parents looked around on their own.
The first week for Jürgen and Wilma in Lexington
And the next weekend we started our round trip.
October 11: Travel to Canada
October 11: Bridge to Canada
October 11: Thousands of mosquitos, a cabin at the lake, and good food
October 12: Indian Summer in Canada
October 12: Drive through Canada
October 12: View of the Niagara Falls from the Skylon Tower
October 12: Maid of the Mist I
October 12: Maid of the Mist II
October 12: Rain bows
October 12: Behind the Falls I
October 12: Behind the Falls II
October 12: A black squirrel and the Skylon Tower
October 12: The Falls at night
October 13: Walking around the Whirlpool I
October 13: Walking around the Whirlpool II
October 13: Walking around the Whirlpool III
October 13: Going over the Whirlpool I
October 13: Going over the Whirlpool II
October 13: We enjoy the sun
October 13: Return to the US
October 13: Driftwood Inn
October 13: kayaks and other boats I
October 13: kayaks and other boats II
October 13: A relaxed evening
October 14: Hiking in a Canyon I
October 14: Hiking in a Canyon II
October 14: Wine tasting and relaxing
October 15: Driving
October 16: Blue Ridge Mountain Parkway I
October 16: Blue Ridge Mountain Parkway II
October 16: Blue Ridge Mountain Parkway III
October 17: Drive to Gatlinburg
October 17: Gatlinburg
October 17: In Geri and Dan's camper
October 18: In the Smokeys
October 18: On tour with Geri and Dan I
October 18: On tour with Geri and Dan II
October 18: At O'Charleys
October 19: Driving home over the Cumberland Gap
October 19: Home in Lexington (For the total milage add 1000 to the trip-amount)
And the last week
The last week with my parents
November 2003
November pictures
December 2003
December pictures
Christmas Party in the German House
And again we are going to Germany. Jens finally has his oral exam for his PhD and we will also stay for christmas in Leer.
In Leer
In Kiel
Jens' Exam
Ingo's Exam and Party
At Andreas' und Anja's
Jens' Hat
Regina's Hat
Christmas Eve
The rest of Christmas Eve
In Leer


January 2004
Beer and games
Jens opens a bottle which is supposed to overflow very easily
IEEE Lexington Section Meeting with Contest
And here are two small movies of motors which were presented at the IEEE contest.
1. Motor (661.4KB)
2. Motor (453KB)
January pictures
February 2004
Clean Up
Late Christmas
Geri's new camper
February pictures
March 2004
New things for the appartment
March pictures
April 2004
Visit at Jungle Jim's
April 4: Kentucky Horsepark
The other (5) picture books of this day are more for people with lots of time or people who simply love horses
April 4: Kentucky Horsepark - The first filly
April 4: Kentucky Horsepark - The Show
April 4: Kentucky Horsepark - The silly Cowboy I
April 4: Kentucky Horsepark - The silly Cowboy II
April 4: Kentucky Horsepark - the silly Cowboy III
April pictures
At Geri's
Easter I
Easter II
Visiting Lionel and Veronica


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