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Picture Archive 2002

Archive of pictures for September 2002 to December 2002.

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And here are the current picture books (one in the very beginning is still missing, since we still have to scan those pictures.):

The first weeks
Our new appartment
Breakdown of the car and the ferry at the Kentucky River
Some pictures
At the Bowling Center
Sorry, the bowling pictures do not have a good quality
A tour through our appartment
In Lexington
Regina is traveling to Germany because of the Lise-Meitner Award ceremony
Lise Meitner Award Ceremony
In Frankfurt
Here we start with the pictures we have taken with our new digital camera
We try our new camera
Visiting Danville and the local Aldi!
We like our new camera!
Picture Collection
Jens is playing with our boomerang No Comments
Snow in Kentucky and the world stops turning.
Snow in Kentucky
Some things are different in an american kitchen compared to a german one ... and other pictures
kitchen ...
... and other pictures
An eventful weekend. We are flying!
Visit of Geri and Dan
On our way to the airport
We will soon start
We are flying I
We are flying II
Back on the ground
December Pictures
Christmas lights in Lexington ( They are a little fuzzy)
Driving to Tennessee for Christmas
Christmas Preparations
Christmas Eve
Christmas Day (Presents!)
Walk in the Snow on Christmas Day
The Christmas Turkey
Christmas Bowling
Different pictures of the christmas week
New Years Eve
New Years Eve
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Regina Hannemann